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Tory Britain: top of the league for bankers bonuses and bottom for young people

New analysis of European Banking Authority and Eurostat figures has shown Britain tops the EU league table when it comes to bankers’ bonuses, but languishes near the bottom when it comes to giving young people the chance to work.

The figures show bankers’ bonuses paid out in Britain (€4.1billion) are far more than every other EU country put together (€846 million) but young people in Britain are nearly four times more likely to be unemployed than older workers. The UK has the fifth worst unemployment gap between young and old in the EU with only Romania, Luxembourg, Italy and Sweden performing worse. 

Labour will tax banker’s bonuses to fund a Compulsory Jobs Guarantee policy to get young people off benefits and into work. The Compulsory Jobs Guarantee will offer young people a six month paid job at the national minimum wage, work they will have to take or lose benefits. If it was introduced today Labour’s Compulsory Jobs Guarantee will help to 146,000 jobseekers into work including: 

North East                          10,430

North West                         16,320

Yorkshire and The Humber    18,200

East Midlands                      9,335

West Midlands                     19,195

Eastern                              8,170

London                              20,0735

South East                          8,700

South West                          5,090

Wales                                 8,970

Scotland                            13,200

Labour’s Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, Rachel Reeves, said, “After five years of the Tories, Britain has the highest banker’s bonuses in the Europe and one of the worst unemployment gaps between young and old in the EU. David Cameron’s refusal to tax banker’s bonuses and use the money to give young people the chance to work shows the Tories are only prepared to stick up for the most privileged. 

“A Labour government has a better plan to give young people the chance to earn, learn and contribute. We’ll start by introducing a Compulsory Jobs Guarantee, funded by a tax on bankers’ bonuses, to give young people the chance to work, raising living standards so that the next generation can do better than the last.”

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