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Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary Praises Labour run Nottinghamshire County Council over Education investment

Today, Tuesday, Angela Rayner was in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire, to visit Holgate Primary School, one of the county’s new schools built by the Labour run County Council.



Angela visited Nottinghamshire to see how the Labour run County Council has invested in Education in the county and has worked extremely hard to ensure children are not being taught in large classes, despite the continued pressure on school budgets due to underfunding from the Tory Government.  

Joined by Alan Rhodes, Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council, and Councillor Alice Grice, Angela met with headteacher Emma Severn to discuss the challenges facing the county’s schools and their teaching staff.  

Before they came into office the Tories promised ‘small schools with small class sizes’. But Labour’s analysis shows that this isn’t happening for many children across the country.

Angela Rayner, Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary said:  

“Across the country thousands of children are being taught in classes which are simply too big. 

“I’m visiting Nottinghamshire today to see how a Labour run County Council is working extremely hard to protect education funding and continue to invest in the county’s schools. This is a hugely important step by a Labour council, when the Conservative government are delivering the first cuts to school funding in a generation, breaking a clear manifesto commitment.  

“The system for school place planning is broken. The Tories need to let go of their unjustified fixation with Free Schools. Theresa May has no answers to the big challenges facing Britain – just more of the same failed policies which take the county backwards and make us more unequal.” 



Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council, Alan Rhodes said: “We know there is a national problem with large class sizes and the pressure that our schools are facing continues with the ongoing cuts to school funding. 

“But here in Nottinghamshire Labour is proud to have invested in local education and make it a priority.

 “We’ve built a number of new schools in Hucknall, including Holgate Primary School, which has led to the creation of 350 extra places. 

“We’ve also invested in schools right across Nottinghamshire and in the last four years we’ve created over 3,100 school places across the county.  

“But we face challenges. Conservative cuts to education are a big issue for the county. Holgate primary school is facing a reduction of £350 per pupil and faces losing the equivalent of five teachers.  

“I am pleased that we’ve been able to show Angela the investment that we’ve made here in Hucknall, and across Nottinghamshire, whilst hearing about the Tory cuts to education that we face over the coming years.”

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