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Labour announce candidate for Nottingham North

The East Midlands Labour Party has announced that Alex Norris has been selected as Labour’s candidate for the Nottingham North constituency to stand in this June’s general election.



A local councillor, Alex lives in Nottingham North and currently represents Basford on the city council. 


Over the last few years Alex has worked closely with Labour’s MP for Nottingham North, Graham Allen, supporting him in his role as the MP on many local issues.


Speaking after the selection, Alex said: “Nottingham is my home. It’s where I live and work and I am proud to be Labour’s candidate for June’s general election.

“Over the last twenty years Graham Allen has been an outstanding local MP, working hard to represent local people, and he will be remembered for his dedication to Nottingham North and his work on campaigns such as early intervention and voter registration.


“He leaves big shoes to fill, but I am ready for the challenge ahead and will work tirelessly between now and June to let local people know that this general election will be a choice between a Labour Party that will stand up for the people of Nottingham North or a Conservative Party that only looks after the privileged few.

“This Tory government has overseen the biggest cuts to our public services in a generation. The NHS and social care is in crisis, our schools are struggling under the weight of the budget cuts and cuts to police budgets are putting our safety at risk.


“People here in Nottingham North need a local representative that will put them first. They need a Labour MP who will stand up for them. Someone who will ensure our local hospitals are given the funding they need to look after you.


“Someone who will fight to ensure our schools have the funding they need to deliver good teaching in every school and someone who will work hard to ensure that we get a Brexit that protects local jobs and workers’ rights.


"I'm proud of my record as a local Councillor. During that time we've redeveloped Basford Hall College as a construction centre of excellence. We've improved our local parks. We've delivered on our priories of clean and safe streets.


“That’s the message that I will be taking out to the people of Nottingham North over the coming weeks.”


Graham Allen, Labour’s MP for Nottingham North said: “I welcome the appointment of Councillor Alex Norris as Labour’s Candidate for Nottingham North in June’s general election.


“I have known Alex for years and I can say he is the person I would have chosen to replace me, so I am absolutely delighted. We asked for a local person and we’ve got one - he lives in the constituency and represents the area on the city council, I know that if elected on the 8th June, he will put this area first and will be a committed and local MP – that’s what Nottingham North deserves.


“ I will be out and about from tomorrow, joining Alex on the campaign trail and I am looking forward to helping put him in Parliament on June 8th.”

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