Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What rights do I currently have under our membership of the EU
Our membership of the EU has given us the following rights at work:
• A minimum of four weeks paid holiday, plus public holidays
• The right to equal pay for men and women underpinned by EU law
• Protections against sex discrimination at work where EU law also underpins UK law
• Rights to maternity and paternity leave
• Equal treatment for part-time workers
• Equal treatment for agency workers after six months
• An individual right to limit the working week to a maximum of 48 hours
• Protection for workers facing outsourcing, privatisation and changes of employer
• Comprehensive protection on health and safety in the workplace

Why are these rights at risk?
There rights are currently protected through our membership of the EU. Following the Referendum and the UKs decision to leave the EU, these rights are at risk as they are not protected through law in the UK.

That means that unless the Government commits to protecting these rights through UK law, there will not be any guarantee that workers will continue to benefit from these rights at work.

Won’t these rights be automatically protected following Brexit?
Not necessarily. These rights are protected through our membership of the EU. There is no guarantee that these rights will be protected once we leave the EU.

What is the Our Rights Your Future campaign?
The Our Rights Your Future campaign sets out to highlights the risk to workers throughout the East Midlands and to put pressure on the Government into making a commitment to protect these rights through UK law once we leave the EU.

What can I do to help the campaign?
Firstly we would like as many people as possible to sign the petition calling on the Government to commit to protecting these rights through UK law.

There are also other ways you can get involved in the campaign: display posters; encourage family and friends to sign the campaign; lobby your MP; talk to your employer about the campaign.

If you would like a campaign pack then please email us at or alternatively you’ll be able to find some campaign essentials here.

How can my CLP or organisation help the campaign?
We have put together a campaign pack to help CLPs and organisation to campaign on this vital issue.

If you’d like a campaign pack or would like to talk to someone about local campaigning then please email us at or call us on 011593431777.

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