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Hardyal Dhindsa, Labour’s Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate for Derbyshire has backed The White Ribbon Campaign in its mission to prevent male violence against women and girls and support men and boys to develop healthy and respectful relationships.

Mr Dhindsa, who for the past three years has served as Deputy to Derbyshire’s first Police and Crime Commissioner, Labour’s Alan Charles said:

‘This is an incredibly serious issue and one which Alan and I have prioritised in our work with police services in Derbyshire. Violence perpetrated against women and girls by men is not confined to any particular group of people or section of society. It goes on behind closed doors and it goes on in full view of the public - what is important is that those in a position to lead make it plain that it is not acceptable. If elected as Derbyshire’s next Police and Crime Commissioner, I will want to continue to work closely with The White Ribbon Campaign, in particular, ensuring that the Government’s new Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy delivers positive change and is not just a paper commitment.

What makes The White Ribbon Campaign unique is that it sees a strong role for men and boys in prevention; engaging them as change agents and actively challenging men’s violence against women. As PCC for Derbyshire, this campaign will be at the heart of my policies and approach to police services. Everyone deserves the right to live in peace, freedom and harmony. This means women and girls – over half of the population and I want to work with men and boys’  groups, forging partnerships between police services, schools, workplaces, family units  and public services to create a culture that is free from violence, coercive control and abuse and where women and girls can thrive.’

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