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Alan Johnson & Gloria De Piero – “Don’t let the over-65s decide your future for you”


As Labour’s referendum campaign tour arrives in Leicester and Nottingham today (Wednesday), Alan Johnson, Chair of Labour In for Britain, will say that the country’s future rests in the hands of young people.

Alan and Gloria De Piero, Shadow Minister for Young People and Voter Registration, will be visiting Leicester and Nottingham to set out how:

•         Young voters will be key to securing a ‘Remain’ vote on 23 June but around one in four (1.5 million) 18-24 year olds have still not signed up to vote on June 23.

•         EU membership is vital to young people’s futures. UK higher education benefits greatly from EU funds and academic exchanges, and over 790,000 more jobs could be created by 2030 if we stay, through new trade deals and the opening up of markets in digital services, energy and tourism.

•         Nearly twice as many 18-24 year olds back voting to Remain than those aged 65, but they are only half as likely to say they will definitely vote.

Alan Johnson MP said:

“Whether in terms of job opportunities or further education at home, or the freedom to live, study, work and travel across our great continent, young people across Britain benefit enormously from our EU membership.
“They will be decisive in this referendum, not only in voting to Remain, but also in persuading their older, more socially conservative friends and relatives to vote for a brighter and more progressive future. We saw how significant this can be in last year’s Irish referendum on gay marriage.

“Young people understand what is at stake perhaps more than anybody. It is their future which hangs in the balance if they don’t turn out on the day.”
Gloria De Piero MP said:

“Young people know just how important our membership of the EU is – the majority would rather stay in. But far too many don’t plan to vote, and over one in four young people still aren’t registered.

“You have 27 days left to get on the register. So as we travel round the country I’ll be saying to all young people - don’t let the over-65s decide your future for you.”

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