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100 days until the most important political decision


In 100 days, on June 23rd, voters here in the East Midlands will face a choice on whether to stay in Europe, or to leave. Labour is fighting a campaign in this referendum to remain, because we believe Britain is better off in Europe.

Labour is campaigning to stay in Europe to protect the thousands of jobs here in the East Midlands  that are linked to British trade with Europe, and the investment and growth that being part of the world’s largest single market brings. 

Writing today, with 100 days before the referendum, Liz Kendall MP, Labour’s EU Champion for the East Midlands, wrote:  

“The EU referendum in 100 days’ time will be the most important political decision that many people here in the East Midlands will ever make. 

“So many local jobs and the region’s future prosperity depend on us remaining in the EU, whether you live in Allestree or Boston, Wellingborough or Zouch – Britain is better off in Europe. It brings us jobs, growth and investment, while protecting British workers and consumers.

“Regional Funding from the EU helped to create or protect 7,489 jobs in the East Midlands between 2007 and 2013. The East Midlands has received over £219m from the European Development Fund between 2007 and 2013, and almost 1,000 new businesses were created or attracted to the region as a result of ERDF funding. 

“Employees here in the East Midlands are now guaranteed four weeks’ paid holiday and extended maternity and paternity leave, with part-time workers now enjoying the same rights as full-time staff thanks to our membership of the EU. 

“Holidaymakers have benefited too - from reduced air fares and more routes, to compensation paid out for flight delays. We benefit from free or reduced healthcare with a European Health Insurance Card too.  And from June this year, roaming charges will be banned meaning you can use your phone in EU countries for the same price as you can at home. 

“The EU’s ERASMUS scheme allows young people to undertake work or study and training abroad, and millions of us benefit from free movement to 27 other EU member states. 

“Working with Europe gives Britain more influence than when we act alone. We are stronger at negotiating trade deals with larger countries like China and the USA as part of the EU. Because problems like climate change, terrorism and organised crime don’t respect national borders, they are most effectively addressed by working together with our European neighbours. And because we are part of the European Union but outside the Schengen borderless zone, we can take full advantage of Europe-wide security cooperation while keeping our own borders secure. 

“Protecting Britain’s interest’s means ensuring we have a strong voice at the top table. 

 “Leaving would put all of this at risk and diminish Britain’s influence in the world.  That’s Labour case in this referendum.” 


You can find out more about the Labour In For Britain campaign, and get involved at labour.org.uk/InForBritain

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